Choose perfect Sofa for your House

  Sofa is one of the important tools for home completeness. With the living room sofa, the house […]


Sofa is one of the important tools for home completeness. With the living room sofa, the house becomes more comfortable. Especially if there are often guests who come. In addition to offering comfort, the presence of a sofa can provide a nice impression for the guests who come.

Today, many new sofa models are emerging. There is even a folded and made bed. More practical, right? But, of course, should be tailored to the needs of your household so that its use can be more efficient. Therefore, there are many things you should consider before buying a sofa. Let’s consider the following tips so that your dream home more comfortable to live in.

Adjust Size

The first thing you should do is measure the available space in the living room of your house. That way, you will be easier to determine the size of the sofa that you will buy later.

Select a  Matched Design Model

Now there are many new sofa models sold in the market. You can choose a model that suits your home style. There is a sofa that can be folded, there can be adjusted to use the bed, and so forth. Do not forget to choose a color that matches the paint color of your living room wall, yes.

Sofa Framework and Upholstery

Another thing you need to look at is the sofa maker you want to buy. Durable sofa using original teak wood that has been dried in advance so it is not moist. There is also the use of iron as the compiler of the main framework. In addition to the framework, you should also note the fabric that coats this one furniture. The material of genuine leather is actually more durable and not easily dirty, but has a relatively more expensive price. If you are looking for a more affordable, you can choose a coat made of fabric or faux leather

Check Sofa Suspension

The comforter of a sofa is the elasticity it has. Per is usually used to support the foam holder, its function to make the sofa more soft when occupied. You can ask what type of suspension to use to the seller or try it for yourself. Eight-way hand-tied is usually used for sofa with good quality and relatively expensive. While sinuous springs are used on sofas that have a cheaper price.

Check the Foam Stand used

For this one, you should avoid a sofa that has a foam is too soft or hard. This is so that the shape of the sofa does not change quickly.